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Regulations RBR-UA 2016-2017


1.1 Open RBR-UA 2016-2017 championship is available for people from all countries.
1.2 Open RBR-UA 2016-2017 championship is executed using Czech Plugin.
1.3 Open RBR-UA 2016-2017 championship is based on real ukrainian rally competition.
1.4 All Open RBR-UA 2016-2017 rules are based on real ukrainian rally regulations.
1.5 All Open RBR-UA 2016-2017 information will be published in championships official website (www.rbr.in.ua).


2.1 All conditions of events are tried to remake as it was in real ukrainian rally championship event as realistic as possible.
2.2 Open RBR-UA 2016-2017 has 10 events.
2.3 Each event consists of two legs. The nature of the special stages is determined by the real rally as possible.
2.3.1 The first leg start at 8:00 Kyiv time Thursday and ends on Saturday at 23:59 Kyiv time.
2.3.2 The second leg starts on Sunday at 08:00 Kyiv time and ends on Tuesday at 23:59 Kyiv time.
2.4 Date of each phase is determined by the calendar (Appendix 1 - from "Calendar").
2.5 Service Area during the rally set according to the real counterpart.
2.6 Between legs operating system "Rally2" which provides for a fine for each missed by east SS, which is calculated by the formula "absolute best time + 300 seconds."
2.7 In the case of stairs to the second blade stage pilot credited DNF.
2.8 The administration reserves the right to change the calendar, or parts unilaterally. But should inform at least 3 days before the start of the rally.


3.1 Any technical problems, such as breakage of communication problems with the game, the exclusion of light, etc., incurred while participating in the rally, equal to unforeseen circumstances and retired participant.
3.2 In the case of "flight" game while loading SS participant has the right to reach the stage through the sending Request online plugin. For this item, the site of the results should be a corresponding label "Did not start at SS ..." only if this condition is possible to get get the right to continue rally.
3.3 If the results are on the label "Did not arrive to time control on SS", the pilot has the right to reach the stage, and on this count the time SS to repeat that the pilot is obliged to send to the organizers before serving Request.
3.4 If during the passage of special stages driver having problems because of the "bug" (eg crash the game after the pins on the SS Mineshaft II), it can go the distance and ask Arrival getting a penalty 10 seconds. This pilot should send the replay to E-mail - rbr_ua_replay@yahoo.com or rbr.ukraine@gmail.com and contact the organizer.
3.5 In case of problems that have arisen because of partial or total server failure, the management has the right to cancel the championship rally, or move it to another period of time.


4.1 Open RBR-UA 2016-2017 allows all cars from RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4, RGTclasses.
4.2 Cars are divided to seven classes: WRC (RC1), WRC 2 (RC2: R5, S2000, R4, N4, RGT), WRC 3 (RC3), WRC Junior (RC4).
4.3 Car can be change 2 times during all Open RBR-UA 2016-2017 season.
4.4 Participant must notify the change in the relevant topic on the official forum.
4.5 Car can be changed only during the intervals of championship events but not later than 24 hours before event start. Otherwise car change can be rejected.


5.1 Participants must have a Czech Plugin account in the official webpage (rbr.onlineracing.cz).
5.2 Open RBR-UA 2016-2017 participants names on Czech Plugin must be like this: SURNAME Name, NAME Surname, Surname Name. For example: PETRENKO Ivan, IVAN Petrenko or Petrenko Ivan.
5.3 Participants are not allowed driving from one IP address. Unless organizer is informed about this situation.
5.4 Participants are not allowed using improper words or obscenely characters all championship in any space which belongs to Open RBR-UA 2016-2017 championship.
5.5 Participants registration is executed via filling a registration form in internet. Registration links are published in official Open RBR-UA 2016-2017 championship website.
5.6 Participant registration can be made only during the intervals of championship events but not later than 24 hours before event start.


6.1 Team can be made from minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 members.
6.2 Team name must not contain invective words.
6.3 Team changes can be done 3 times during all Open RBR-UA 2016-2017 season.
6.4 Teams registration is executed via filling a registration form in internet. Registration links are published in official Open RBR-UA 2016-2017 championship website.
6.5 Team registration can be made only during the intervals of championship events but not later than 24 hours before event start.


7.1 All classes in absolute offset at the end of each rally best pilots are scored as follows:


7.2 Scoring runs after inspection and approval of the results of all pilots, subject to penalties, if any.
7.3 Where in any record-class on the stage started less than 5 cars in the points standings for a place in the class are awarded according to the following table:

7.4 Points two best results pilots team (in classes WRC, WRC 2, WRC 3, WRC Junior) are added and counted in the total for all classes team standings. Teams of the satellite in the team standings do not participate. Team - satellite is the team named for the type of Team 1, Team 2, Team 3 ...
7.5 In case of equality of points for the season, takes place above the pilot (team) who took the top spot at the final stage. In the case of new equity, compared next best place on the penultimate stage, and so on.


8.1 Each participant who finishes in top three in any stage in overall, must upload a replay of that stage.
8.2 Replays must be uploaded within 48 hours after event end.
8.3 Each member shall be entitled to delay for 24 hours maximum, referring to the CSC with the relevant request by the end of the deadline for submission of repetitions.
8.4 Each member has the right to check replays of any other party and in case of violation of the rules apply to organizer. For this pilot submits its request in an appropriate subject ("Applications, petitions, appeals and requests pilots")
8.5 Each participant must send a replay of any stage for organizer, in specified way, if he is asked to do that.
8.6 Any driver must have all his replays from event 7 days after event.
8.7 Publication results carried out after checking repetitions consideration of all petitions, appeals and disputes.


9.1 Guidance Championship welcomes comments from pilots during and after stages in the relevant topics, as well as comments on the plugin.
9.2 Guidance Championship welcomes participants presenting pictures after stages in the relevant topics.
9.3 Winners rally in the overall (first, second and third place) are required to submit a comment on stage and at least one photo. Deadline - 72 hours after the rally. Failure to do so is punishable by a fine in accordance with paragraph 10.7 of the regulations.


10.1 Ignore of replay uploading - 60 seconds for each stages.
10.2 Delay of representation - 60 seconds.
10.3 Driving with same IP address - event result disqualification.
10.4 Cutting stage corners with all four wheels - plus 20 seconds (each cut) to overall result. Cutting does not count towards reduction as a result of errors. Driver should use the system STOP-and-GO after the turn.
10.5 Driving with wrong car - event result disqualification.
10.6 Contempt, aggression and abuse to participants, using improper words or obscenely characters – disqualification.
10.7 Failure to comply with the requirements of paragraph 9.3 of the regulations is punishable by a warning. Repeated failure - penalty 10 seconds to result in the rally.
10.8 Each participant has the right to appeal against the fine, which automatically enrolled plugin. In this case, it should give the replay of the special stages and other files on demand. Requests for removal of fine shall be published in the forum topic "Applications, petitions, appeals."
10.9 Ignorance of the rules is not a basis for avoiding or mitigating punishment.


11.1 Regulations can be change at any time by the organizer.
11.2 Championship events dates can be changed according to holidays or other encountered problems.
11.3 The organizer reserves the option to change all the circumstances of the championship at any time during the Open RBR-UA 2016-2017 season.

Contact information:
rbr.ukraine@gmail.com - Official Open RBR-UA championship e-mail
www.rbr.in.ua - Official Open RBR-UA championship webpage
www.facebook.com/RBR.Ukraine - Official Facebook page