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Rally Gate of Ukraine: Сухінов перший, але не найшвидший

sancho 2-12-2015, 21:54 462 Новини
Rally Gate of Ukraine: Сухінов перший, але не найшвидший

Тільки після фінішу визначився переможець другого етапу. Ним став росіянин Александр Сухінов на VW Polo R WRC 2015. Відзначимо, що найшвидшим на західно-українському асфальті був його співвітчизник Глєб Матвєєнко. Проте він отримав штраф згідно регламенту і задовільнився сріблом.

Бронзу здобув іспанець Хав'єр Де Дієго на Ford Fiesta R5. Представник PVR Pride RBR Online Team на техніці категорії R5 зумів об'їхати багатьох суперників на потужнішій техніці...

Хав'єр Де Дієго: "Well, the first day started well for me. I just try not to made a mistake and go as fast as I could without risking the Fiesta R5 from PVR Pride. Say it it's is easy, but I had to do it. In fact, I hadn't big mistakes this day and I could put a good rhythm in dry tarmac that make me feel less pressure for wet conditions in SS4. I enjoyed the rain too, it was nice to go slow but drifting a little bit. Some other stages were just like ice, no braking, as it was so easy to lock the rear, and no accelerating confidence. In one of these stages I crashed with a wall with no big damages, but mechanichs had to paint the car again hehe. I ended the first day with more than a minute with the second WRC2 car, so it was a very good day.
During the second day I had a mix of feelings... Attack for an overall podium or just keep a decent pace not to risk the 1st WRC2 place? At the begining I fighted for the overall standings but after a spin I decided to relax myself and not to fight with the WRC cars I had behind me and going faster. Some stages after taking this decision and not so much to finish the rally I saw I could have an opportunity to keep the overall podium. Of course, WRC were still faster but I earned some time the first day that makes felt I could keep the position. Finally, I reach the finish in the position wanted, but one more stage and I'm not sure what would had happened, honestly.
Congrats to other class winners and all that finished, see you in the next one!"