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  • Граю в RBR з:2007
  • Автомобіль:Citroen DS3 R3-MAX

Wild West VRT


#34 - KOLOMIETS Kirill (Skoda Fabia R5)

#38 - KEVLYUK Sasha (Hyundai i20 R5)

#82 - PIDLUSKY Oleksandr (Citroen DS3 R3MAX)

#103 - KOVAL Volodymyr (Ford Fiesta R2)

#106 - LEBED Nazariy (Ford Fiesta R2)




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Sim Academy (in Lithuanian "Simuliatorių akademija") the only professional simulators center in Lithuania , which created and opened in 2016 years December. Now Sim Academy excisting about one years and achieved a lot. At this moment, they have 3 different simulators center in most biggest cities of Lithuania. Sim Academy have very good reputation from best Lithuania racers (rally drivers, circuit drivers). Also organised first ever official Lithuania cicrcuit e-championship "Neste Dream 2 Drive". It was new history of Lithuania autosport... Now in Sim Academy you can get circuit driver license (real circuit license), after 10 hours driving in different situations.

How borned Sim Academy Rally Team?
Before opening of Sim Academy, I went to them and installed RBR. Also I invited them to participate in RBR-LT championships. Sim Academy tried RBR and was very happy with that and we started to participate in Lithuania championships. Also we invited Sim Academy rally ambassadors (the best Lithuania rally driver Dominykas Butvilas and one of the most viable co-driver in Lithuania Aisvydas Paliukėnas). They agreed also with participating. Our first season in Lithuanian championships was good, we achieved 3rd place in Open RBR-LT LRČ 2017 and 2nd place in Open RBR-LT LRSČ 2017. After Lithuania, we decided to participate in Ukraine. And this time with two teams :) I think, our team the best in this championship with experience in reality, but not in RBR :D
We will not stop to participate!

#40 - AUGUSTONIS Ignas (Škoda Fabia R5)
Most experienced team driver (in RBR) and also team manager. Ignas started drive in RBR from 2012 years. After one years, he became N4 class vice-champion of Open RBR-LT LRČ with Subaru Impreza N14. In 2014, 2015 with same Subaru, he became champion in Open RBR-LT LRČ in N4 class. After three lucky sessions, Ignas moved to R5 class. In 2016 and 2017 years, he became 3rd place winner in Open RBR-LT LRČ in R5 class and champion in 4WD LT class.

#53 - Martynas Sidunovas "Sidas" (Škoda Fabia R5 Combi)
Most experienced team member in different simulators. In Lithuania he is better known as sim racer in circuit simulators. All Lithuania sim racers know that he the best sim racer in Lithuania. Before 10 years, Martynas became rFactor Europe champion. Also, he first ever champion of official Lithuania cicrcuit e-championship "Neste Dream 2 Drive". He gave chance to drive real circuit car in three Lithuania Circiut Championship 2017. In RBR started drive in 2011, but fast did long break. And after 6 years he back to RBR.

#54 - CERNECKAS Laurynas "LAR555" (Škoda Fabia R5)
Head and owner of Sim Academy. Laurynas started drive in RBR this year. Before, he drove also in Dirt Rally and circuit simulators. "LAR555" co-driving to Domas Raškevičius in real Lithuania Rally Sprint Championship and won 3rd place in class.

#57 - ABECIUNAS Ignas "Abas" (Škoda Fabia R5)
Another one owner of Sim Academy. Ignas started drive in RBR this year. Before, he drove also in Dirt Rally and circuit simulators.

#58 - BUTVILAS Dominykas (Škoda Fabia R5)
The best Lithuania rally driver. Dominykas started drive in RBR 2006 years. He using RBR for practising before rallies. Dominykas rally carrer started when we was 15 years old. He have a lot experience and help us :) In this year, Dominykas had first season with R5 class car in Poland Rally Championship. His season was not really lucky, but OK. Career of Dominykas story here :)

#59 - TUNYLA Tauras (Škoda Fabia R5 Combi)
One of the best circuit drivers in Lithuania. Tauras started drive in RBR this year. RBR-UA 17-18 his first RBR championship. In circuit he achieved a lot. First, he became 6 times champion in Lithuania carts championship, and 4 times champion in different clasees of Lithuania Circuit Championship. Also, Tauras is main organiser of "Neste Dream 2 Drive". We see, how he doing well in rally tracks.

#60 - RASKEVICIUS Domas (Škoda Fabia R5 Combi)
Rally driver in Lithuania Rally Sprint Championship. This years with Laurynas Černeckas, he won 3rd place in class. Domas started drive in RBR 2006 years. After 11 years break, he back again!

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